Roxy Workshop

NVC Workshop with Roxy Manning

Empathic communication to nurture your group/organization
~Who cleans the toilet~

Date:           Feb. 18-19 (Sat-Sun)
Time:          10:00~17:00
Trainer:       Roxy Manning, Ph.D.  (BayNVC)
Language:   English and Japanese
Place:          Classroom #1351 at a Meiji-gakuin University
Tuition:         20,000yen
Registration:     https://ssl.form-mailer.jp/fms/ccb9761a181222

About the theme:

When we start learning NVC, we realize how important our feelings and needs are.  We want to live according to our deep values, not just to be “nice”.

Then, how shall we cope with people who doesn’t care, who stick to his/her ideas no matter what, who accuse others, whose good-will isn’t working....??  Is it possible to empathize each one’s needs, and assign chores?  What is the NVC way of group decision making?  How to attend both individual needs and group needs?  Can we create harmony without sacrifice yourself?  Those questions come up to our mind.

Roxy Manning, who has worked with many individuals and organizations including companies, a multi-cultural clinic, a social service agency and a peace making NGO, will help us integrate NVC in our daily life, especially in relation with others in a group/organization.

Having visited Japan right after 3.11, she treasures her friendship with people she met in Japan. In the safe and compassionate space she creates, you will get clear understanding of NVC basics and chance to practice it live together.

Haruno Nakagawa

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